Main Responsibilities of SHAIC

(1)To implement the guidelines, policies, laws, rules and regulations related to the administration of industry and commerce; to study and draw up the drafts of local regulations, rules and policies concerning the administration of industry and commerce and organize the implementation of relevant regulations, rules and policies.
(2)To be in charge of the work of registration of industrial and commercial enterprises, specialized rural cooperatives, entities or individuals engaged in business operation and permanent representative offices of foreign enterprises; to check and ratify the names of enterprises to be registered according to law; to affirm business operational qualifications; to approve and issue the business licenses; and to exercise the surveillance and administration of their registration matters and operational activities; to initiate the investigation and punishment on the unlicensed operational activities according to law.
(3)To investigate and punish the acts such as monopolies and pyramid schemes which violate economic laws and rules and to supervise the direct selling enterprises, direct sellers and their operational activities according to law.
(4)To be responsible for the supervision of market order and administrative law enforcement; to strengthen market monitoring, early warning and information guidance; to regulate and maintain the order of operational activities according to law; to supervise online transactions in goods and services.
(5)To take charge of the law enforcement on monopoly agreements, abuse of dominant market position and abuse of administrative power to eliminate or restrict market competitions (except price monopoly), according to the authorization of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce; to investigate and deal with the cases of unfair competitions, commercial briberies, smugglings, bootlegging and other illegal economic activities; to supervise and protect the names of enterprises, names, packaging and decorations of well-known commodities, business secrets and trademarks.
(6)To organize the protection of consumers’ legitimate rights and interests in the service sector; to investigate and punish irregularities such as counterfeiting, faking and inferior quality; to accept and handle the inquiries, appeals and complaints of consumers; to direct the work of consumer rights protection agencies and organizations at all administrative levels; to establish and improve consumer rights protection system to guarantee the legal rights and interests of business operators and consumers; to organize the investigation and punishment of cases that infringe the rights and interests of consumers.
(7)To supervise and administrate all kinds of consumer goods market and capital goods markets according to law; to participate in the supervision and administration of essential factors of production markets; to surprise the market credit system.
(8)To investigate and punish the acts that infringe the rights of trademark according to law; to protect the exclusive rights to use registered trademarks; to supervise and administrate the use and printing of trademarks; to supervise and direct trademark agencies; to direct the work of the application and review for affirmation of well-known trademarks; and to be responsible for the authentication and management of Shanghai famous trademarks; to manage and protect special logos and official logos.
(9)To direct the development of advertising industry and the drafting of the development programs and operational standards of the advertising industry; to supervise and administrate the acts of advertisement release and operational activities of advertisement according to law; to direct advertising reviewing and monitoring agencies to carry out reviewing and monitoring works.
(10)To organize the implementation of administrative supervision of contracts, to work out the model contract texts jointly with trade administrative departments and industrial organizations; to supervise and administrate standard clauses of consumer contracts; to carry out administrative mediation on contract disputes; to organize the investigation and punishment of acts that violate laws and rules by utilizing contracts.
(11)To supervise and administrate brokers, brokerage institutions, brokerage activities and related intermediary service agencies; to exercise the executive registration and certification of brokers according to law.
(12)To organize and administrate the registration of chattel mortgage, and to participate according to law in the supervision and administration of auction acts.
(13)To guide the relevant social groups concerning industrial and commercial affairs.
(14)To be responsible for the acceptance and handling of administrative reconsideration applications and the response to administrative proceedings.
(15)To undertake the other affairs assigned by the Shanghai municipal government.